my son paul

my son paul



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I’ve little to say about me.
I’m Dan Mihalache and I’m architect in Jassy (Iaşi), Romania.
I’m 54 and I have a son, master in philosophy and – if we can say a writer to somone for writing a book – well, he’s a writer; but the second will appear soon: short stories.
I think I could say more about junior than about me. However, let’s try.
I speak English and French. I read the original af the books when I can because Robert Browning said: when I write, only I and God know what I’m writing; when I come to an end, only God knoes. So, even I have 40-50 translations published (or exatly for this), I elect the original.
I started with this site, united architects (http://dannmihalache.wordpress.com), but – as it is a professional one, I created a linked site, united architects art (http://literatureart.wordpress.com).
I like architecture first, literature, music (Pink Floyd are my favourits), history, animals (I’ve two cats), children, mountains and many other things, but most I like my junior. You can see some photos on my sites and soon you’ll can read some of his stuff.
Well, when I’ll remind something I forgot I’ll add.
Hear from you,



Table of Content “united architects – philosophy”
Table of Content all Sites


architecture, literature, essays, philosophy, biographies

►→ united architects;
►→ united architects  legislaie;
►→ united architects  legislaie 2;
►→ united architects  legislaie 3;
►→ united architects  legislaie 4;
►→ united architects  essays;
►→ united architects  writings;
►→ united architects  biographies;
►→ united arhitects – great architects;
►→ united architects  poetry;
►→ united architects  art;
►→ united architects  essays, philosophy;
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